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Advanced Capability Extended Range Mortar (ACERM)

A Guide to Modern Mortar Systems – UK Land Power

In the late 1990s. Finland and Sweden formed a partnership to design and produce a self-propelled mortar. The result was the AMOS 120mm system. This is a breech-loaded, double-barrel design with two 3 metre tubes. It has a 10km range, a Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) capability and a fully-automated fire control system.

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Accuracy Improvement Capability of Advanced Projectile

Improvement in terminal accuracy is an important objective for future artillery projectiles. Generally it is often associated with range extension. Various concepts and modifications are proposed to correct the range and drift of artillery projectile like course correction fuze. The course correction fuze concepts could provide an attractive and cost-effective solution for munitions accuracy

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85,551 things the Pentagon could have bought with that

Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, is briefed on the Advanced Capability Extended Range Mortar (ACERM) during an Office of Naval Research (ONR) awareness day. The ACERM uses dual-mode guidance, advanced aerodynamics and improved propellants to increase the performance significantly beyond that of current systems.

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Marines in the Hunt for a Mortar Round That Can Fire Up to

Marines in the Hunt for a Mortar Round That Can Fire Up to 12 Miles Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, is briefed on the Advanced Capability Extended Range Mortar (ACERM)

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PDF) KHAKI CAPITAL The Political Economy of the Military is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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The Marines Long Range Mortar | SpaceBattles Forums

Mar 29, 2017. #3. There's already a guided US 120 mm mortar round in the XM395. This ACERM is an attempt to give similar capabilities to 81 mm mortars. IMHO, 81 mm mortars are not long for this world. The only advantage to 81 mm over 120 mm mortars is the very dubious "capability" of manpacking the system, and I put air quotes around that

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Mortar ammunition update. (Technology). - Free Online Library

The long-range mortar barrel and the streamlined projectiles have featured once again with the French TDA models such as the MO 81 LP and South African Vektor models in the vanguard. Norinco of China has introduced its own long barrelled mortar in the form of the 81 mm Type W87 (the 82 mm model is the W84).

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Defence | Thales Group

Defence. Thales in Australia supplies and sustains a range of products for the ADF including: munitions, weapons, optronics, protected vehicles, mission packages, and command, control, communications and computer (C4) systems. Through our industrial resources and long-term contracts with the Commonwealth, we are the custodian of much of

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Earlier this year, the Corps began searching for a company capable of producing the Advanced Capability Extended Range Mortar, or ACERM -- a mortar round compatible with existing Marine and Army M252 81mm mortar systems that offers an effective range of

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exMHR® - RADA Electronic Industries

Enhanced & Extended Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar as well as multipath clutter handling capabilities. Supporting on-the-move operation of the maneuver force through best of breed radar Light/Medium Mortar / Short Range Rocket 18 Km Heavy Mortar 20 Km Direct- Attack Rocket / Missile 24 Km Vehicles & Medium Size Vessel 80 Km

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Kranaatinheittimistö| Sivu 111

On the Marine Corps' current wishlist is an 81mm mortar round that can fire up to almost four times further than its existing high-explosive round. In a request for information published earlier this month, the Marine Corps announced it was "analyzing market capabilities" to find a maker for the Advanced Capability Extended Range Mortar, or ACERM.

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